Listing Policy

FIREWEB cc will NOT accept the following:

  1. Sites that contain hacking, cracking, warez, gambling, pornography, escort services, strippers, and anything else adult oriented and not suitable for young viewers
  2. Sites that sells or links to sites selling drugs [v1/|Gr/| or anything related] which have a reputation of spamming
  3. Sites that have broken links
  4. Sites that contains all or mostly advertisements or containing annoying advertisement methods
  5. Sites that are is poor in design, layout, and usability
  6. Sites that contain illegal material
  7. Sites that are under construction.
  8. Sites that are  NOT in English

FIREWEB cc will not consider any listings that do not follow these terms and agreements:

  1. All submissions are subject to editor evaluation to ensure that the directory will be high in quality. Not all websites submitted will be guaranteed a listing, including paid listings.
  2. FIREWEB cc reserves the right to decline a site that does not follow these policy, terms and agreements
  3. This is a family friendly directory. Any website with adult content, warez or illegal content or mirror sites or Affiliate links or selling affiliate products or Casino sites or sites linking to any above will not be accepted. In such cases NO money will be refunded.
  4. If your website is not accepted, your submission fee will be refunded in full, except in the above case
  5. FIREWEB cc reserves the right not to give reasons for rejection or removal.
  6. FIREWEB cc reserves the right to make edits to listing including title, category, description, URL, and any other listing info at any time.
  7. You must use proper spelling and grammar on your title. Do not use inappropriate upper-case letters to attract visitors. Use accurate descriptions for the site title. Do not fill stuff it with keywords.
  8. You understand that if you encounter any problems or have any queries which you want answered you may contact FIREWEB cc using the contact form.
  9. We reserve the right to make changes to the terms, features, and pricing at any time without prior notice, those changes will list on this page, and this page only.