Fire Pump Controller Manufacturers ASIB registered.

We offer a variety of pump controllers to fit every project. Our panels offer flexibility by being custom built to best suit our customer’s needs. Special options include expandability to allow for future upgrades, and allow for the best value to be achieved from a single panel.


We boast the highest market share throughout South Africa with respect to all ASIB (Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau) control panels, within the respective industry, this clearly indicates the quality, experience and after sales service we provide.

Due to our market share, Pro-Amp Systems is known to set the standard and push forward in research and development.

We are proud to be the first ASIB panel manufacturer with certification from SANS for a fully type tested MCC (Motor Control Centre). Report №SC101965 carried out in September 2008. Thus, we can service industries with special risk factors.

We have always strived for perfection, and as a result have realized that the more production processes kept in-house, the better the quality and turn-around time.

Therefore we have the following sectors of our business to streamline production:

  • Design
  • Drawings
  • Sheet Metal
  • Electronics Department
  • Wiring
  • Engraving
  • ASIB Test facility
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