We are a fire consulting company specializing in regular inspections of fire safety equipment.

In terms of Best Practice and good Corporate Governance, we believe that it is imperative that all aspects of Fire Safety should be inspected monthly, quarterly or at least twice-yearly, irrespective of the annual servicing of fire equipment. The annual servicing of fire equipment does not normally include the inspection of other aspects of fire safety equipment such as locked fire escapes, detection and gaseous suppression systems, evacuation signage, sprinkler control valves and other aspects of fire safety. Our inspection and assessments cover a large array of fire systems

Our services also include but are not limited to:

  • Fire risk assessments and building analyses
  • Rational Fire designs
  • Plans approval On-site Project Management
  • Coordination of services(wet-works, detection, electrical cabling, etc)
  • Providing on-site troubleshooting for any porblems that might occur with installations
  • Testing and commissioning of systems
  • Final hand-over of buildings once completed and signed off by engineer
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