Who is Chimera?

According to ancient mythology, the Chimera was a fearful fire-breathing monster. The fore part of its body was a compound of the lion and the goat, and the hind part a dragon’s. According to the myth, Chimera made great havoc in Lycia until king Iobates sought for some hero to destroy it.

Chimera Fire Protection Pty (Ltd) was born of a need to halt the destruction caused by Chimera. As with the myth, one does not simply halt destruction without careful planning and strategizing.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. In partnership with customers we advise and assist them by offering the best possible ways of protecting themselves, their staff, customers and investments from fire. This includes assisting, advising, designing and providing the most cost effective systems with the greatest value for money. Our approach is to provide long-term benefit, scale-ability and flexibility specifically designed for the application and risk profile in question.


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